Experience the elements with outdoor showers from stainless steel

We love nature and the outdoors. At Elemento, we believe that outdoor showers are not just to clean you up. But a place where you can relax, refresh, reload and connect with nature. Feel the elements.

Our outdoor showers are made to enhance your outdoor living experience.

Elemento Fuoco

Summer, heat. You can feel the warming sun on your skin, the energy of the sun. You are outdoor and you are with the elements.

Elemento Terra

Your ELEMENTO outdoor shower is fixed into the earth. You feel the soil under you feet. Connect with earth. Be with the elements.

Elemento Aqua

Water drops on your skin, refreshingly cold on a summer day or hot on a cool evening. Your are in nature. Between the earth and the sky.

Elemento Aria

You take a shower in your garden or at your pool.Fresh air, wind. You look up and feel the freedom of the endless sky. Feel the elements.


ELEMENTO outdoor showers are designed to last many years outside. Made of high quality materials to assure a long life span. That’s why Elemento showers can not be cheap. But they have great value for money. You will not find another outdoor shower in the same quality at a lower price. We guarantee that.

ELEMENTO outdoor showers are made of „maritime grade“ stainless steel (AISI 316L, V4A). Long-lasting, saltwater proof, non-corrosive. The best material there is.
The models in matt-black finish are also made with the same quality steel and additionally powder-coated.
The shower is only as good as good it’s weakest part. That‘s why all parts of the showers are from stainless steel – even the shower head, the handshower … up to the smallest screw.

All ELEMENTO showers are sold as complete set, including montage material. With fixing screws, montage box, rubber sealing. Nothing else needed. Even a protective cover is part of the delivery.

There are many models and versions. But it is easy to choose the right ELEMENTO outdoor shower for your needs, as they are constructed in a modular concept.

  • type of montage: classic flansch montage from below or with convenient modern montage box for easy winterizing
  • basic shape of the column: round, straight, arch or a more massive 76mm column.
  • surface: matt brushed stainless steel and black powder-coated
  • shower head: large rainsshower or modern with a shower head integrated into the column
  • with hand-shower or with feet-shower

Just click on your model and technical details and more fotos are shown.


Water – this garden shower celebrates an abundance of water: the expansive 250mm rainshower head cascades water as though in a tropical downpour. Furthermore, a handy handshower exists for a foot rinse or a brisk cooling, all whilst keeping one’s hair dry.

Aqua is available in stainless steel or as Aqua Nera, finished with a black matte powder coating.

Aqua and Aqua Nera are provided with a montage box, designed to integrate seamlessly with the terrace, enabling quick and simple disassembly when winter arrives. Alternatively, Aqua offers a brushed steel variant, foregoing the montage box for traditional flange mounting, embodying a touch of classic charm.


“Aria” signifies air, a shower designed to connect with the sky through its arching column that ends in a rain showerhead. Its round shape and stainless steel finish give it an airy elegance, despite its considerable height of 243cm.

Outdoor shower Aria features a 250mm rain showerhead and a high-quality foot spout. The foot shower’s perlator can be replaced with a garden hose connector, serving as an extra water source for your garden.

Available in stainless steel, Aria can be installed with ease using a montage box or through standard flange mounting for those without.


Fuoco, meaning fire, is an eye-catching designer outdoor shower and our bestseller. Perfect for cooling off on warm summer days in the garden or by the pool, it features a sleek design, exceptional quality, and excellent value.

The integrated shower head delivers a pleasing water flow, enhanced by a handy hand shower. Choose from stainless steel with a brushed finish or Fuoco Nero in matte black (powder coated). Installation is simplified with an included montage box, allowing for easy setup and removal come winter. An alternative model offers traditional flange mounting for those unable to use the montage box.


Incendio, named after a wild, spreading fire, is the standout choice in our collection. It has everything you’d want from an Elemento outdoor shower: a simple, stylish design, made from brushed stainless steel, and a shower head with special nubs for easy cleaning, providing a lovely spray of water and a separate foot shower.

This model is available in the classic sheen of stainless steel or in a sophisticated matt black, achieved through a durable powder-coating process, offering a choice that complements any outdoor setting with grace and style.


Terra – the very essence of earth, captures what is perhaps the pinnacle of elegance within the Elemento outdoor shower collection.

Defined by its straight lines that marry form with exceptional functionality, and enhanced by the inclusion of a hand shower, Terra stands as a testament to sophisticated design. This model is offered in maritime-grade brushed stainless steel, embodying durability alongside its refined aesthetic. Alternatively, it is available in a sleek black matte finish, achieved through powder coating, for those seeking a touch of modern sophistication in their outdoor spaces.